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The Center for Advanced Studies and the Arts concept was born in the 1980's out of a desire to offer a larger variety of high level courses by high schools with limited funding. Founding consortium members, Berkley, Ferndale and Oak Park, began offering classes in 1983. At the time, four classes were offered with an enrollment of 35 students.

In 1986, Madison School District joined the consortium and in 1987, Clawson School District. By this time, 21 classes were offered and 280 students were registered. Last year, The Lamphere Schools joined CASA, bringing the total to six participating school districts. Current enrollment runs between 300-350. Twelve of the 36 courses offered are Advanced Placement, which enable students to earn college credit upon successful completion of the College Board Examination.

CASA is housed in the Jackson Center for Advanced Studies and the Arts, a centrally located facility in the City of Oak Park. Students may select to drive to CASA; however, bus transportation to and from CASA is available to those students wishing to use it.

Students are able to receive outstanding instruction within this diversified setting.

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